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Spring Enenrgized Seal Cross Section

Spring Energized PTFE Seals

  • Rotary, reciprocating and oscillatory motions can typically be sealed with Spring Energized Seals depending on design.
  • Great performance in compressed gas waterless fracking seals, LPG and Liquid Nitrogen seals,
  • Outstanding chemical compatibility and extreme low temperature seal, cryogenic seal applications.
  • Low friction and long service life in demanding application.
  • Spring Energized Seals can operate < 3,000 psi custom < 60,000 psi.
  • SES can operate -280o to 500o F custom -400o to 600o F.
  • Wide range of spring energizing configurations based on application.
  • Seals are available in Rod and Piston Inside and Outside Pressure and unidirectional sealing configurations.
  • MSE® Seals, Bal Seals, Variseal®, OmniSeal®, FlexiSeal®.
U-Cup Seal Cross Section

U Cups or Lip Seals

  • U-Cups are designed for dynamic reciprocating applications up to 1250 PSI
  • U-Cups have longer sealing life than O-Rings due to lower friction
  • Also available in non symmetrical Rod and Piston configurations
  • Polypaks® are energized by an O-Ring to provide sealing force at low pressure
  • U-Cups can be designed for use in some reciprocating and rotary applications
  • Custom Lip Seals can be designed to perform in non-standard existing grooves
PTFE Teflon Seal Cross Section

Custom PTFE Seal and High Performance Plastics

  • Custom machined PTFE and High performance Plastics like UHMW PE, PEEK, Polyimide...
  • PTFE O-Rings, PTFE Seals, PTFE Gaskets, PTFE Lip Seals, PTFE Guides, PTFE Bushings, PTFE Spacers...
  • View our high performance plastic selection reference guide.
O-ring Glide Ring Cap Seal Cross Section

PTFE Glide Rings and Cap Seals

  • Designed to extend O-Ring sealing life in dynamic reciprocating applications
  • Typically suitable for slow and fast reciprocating speeds running dry or lubricated
  • Pressure up tp 3000 PSI in most applications
  • Compatible with all O-Ring materials
  • Cannot be stretched more than 5% during installation.
  • Not recomended in Rotary or Oscillating Applications
O-ring Contour Backup Ring Cross Section

Back-up Rings for High Pressure

  • Back-Up Rings used with O-Rings at pressures > 1500 psi or big extrusion gaps
  • Back-Up Rings are designed to limit O-Ring clearnace gap extrusion.
  • Available in elastomeric compounds and PTFE Back-Up Rings.
  • PTFE Back-up rings can be solid, split, spiral, or custom for ease of install.
  • PTFE Back-up Ring size standards AN6244, AN6246, MS27595, MS28774, MS28782 and MS28783.
  • Elastomer Back-up Rings are typically contoured to conform with an O-Ring.
  • Elastomer Back-up Rings fit standard USA and custom O-Ring sizes.
  • Back-up Rings require wider glands to accommodate.
O-ring Glide Ring Cap Seal Cross Section

ISO and KF Centering Rings

  • Centering rings are used to mostly in vacuum fitings to improve seal performance
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