O-Ring Services Index

MicroVu Measurement Interface

Inspection and Identification Services

  • Send your unknown parts for identification.
  • Dimensional inspections services with
  • State of the art video microscope inspection equipment.
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Seal Design, Selection and Reverse Engineering

  • Experienced sealing design engineers can improve sealing performance
  • Expert application engineers can help select the best sealing product and material
  • Send a product to be reverse engineered and supplied with better service and cost
Markez Perfluoroelastomers Unit Packaging

Cleaning and Packaging Services

  • O-Ring and seal cleaning and packaging services
  • Ultrasonic cleaning, Nitrogen purged packaging
  • Kitting, Private labeling, Bar coding
  • Military Packaging per MIL-P-4861
  • Private labeling, Bar coding
O-ring Coatings

Surface Coatings

  • O-Ring PTFE coatings for installation and automatic feeders.
  • Parylene coating
Marco Rubber Warehouse

Just In Time Delivery - Blanket Orders - Business System Integration

  • Stocked orders and releases are typically shipped same day
  • Blanket orders leverage volume prices and reduce delivery time
  • High volume usage, let's integrate business systems to reduce transaction costs
  • Let's design a service plan to maximize value