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FIMA: Deruta dinnerware as tradition dictates

Fima was founded in Deruta in 1960, soon becoming a household name as a maker of traditional Deruta dinnerware, such as Raffaellesco, Ricco Deruta, and Arabesco. The artisan's strong reputation rests on the outstanding quality of their ceramics - entirely handmade with centuries-old methods - as well as on the variety and beauty of their timeless designs.

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Fima's classic Deruta ceramics are among the finest in town, thanks to their intricate designs, carefully hand-painted details and exquisite craftsmanship.

Over the years, Fima has also created new dinnerware collections inspired by local traditions. Most of them - Barocco, Limoni, Broccato - have rapidly become modern classics.

Fima is a small, family-run company founded by Pietro Picchiotti and his wife more than 60 years ago. He was an excellent painter, determined to carry on Deruta's classic pottery tradition with integrity and passion. His creative approach to new majolica designs won Fima fame both locally and in the USA.

Today his son-in-law, Michele, and his daughters run the business focusing on its founders' principles: quality, tradition, and a solid creative identity. The production cycle is completely carried out within the company, from the wheel throwing to the kiln firing, by a team of affectionate artisans with decades of experience.