Finely handcrafted, genuinely Italian

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D&G - Demet and Giovanni - are the artisans who are breathing new life into Deruta pottery. 

They have formidable creativity and strong technical skills. They reinvented the traditional "geometric" patterns, giving them an unexpected contemporary edge.

Their Millerighe collection is one of our best sellers and easily the more technically challenging designs we offer.

Giovanni discovered his talents and nurtured his skills at Franco Mari’s, working side by side with Eugenio Ricciarelli. Together with his wife, Demet, a graduate in Interior Design, he founded D&G pottery studio. Since then, they have been creating amazing tableware collections and new, bold pottery designs that have become very popular with our customers.

Most of their pottery is completely freehand painted, which is quite uncommon among artisans specializing in tableware.

Allow for a long leadtime when ordering their pottery. Giovanni and Demet are behind each and every piece that leaves their studio. Beauty takes time!